Describing the Miniature Donkey breeding program at the Lazy N Ranch is easy. Passion! Donkeys have been bred as a business and hobby for close to 35 years here. It may have started with good old Standard Donkeys but fast rolled over into mammoths.

24 Up Hitch and Wagon

Success was achieved with the Mammoth Donkeys through experimentation and the willingness to listen to the old timers that had success in their programs. 1985 began the passion for Miniature Donkeys that has carried on into today. Again we learned from early founders, pieced historic data of the breed together and then forged forward. Our attention to quality, pedigree and color, along with knowledge learned along the way about inherited traits have rewarded us in our accomplishments.

Applying these theories to the Miniature Donkeys has occupied much of our time and the passion carries on with the hope and expectation of each and every new Miniature Donkey Foal. National Awards, the Hitching of 24 Mini Donks for the Milwaukee Circus Parade and the shear enjoyment of seeing both children and adults marvel at these magnificent little creatures are proof enough of the success of our theories.

It is with high expectations that we look forward to our contribution to the Miniature Donkey breed.

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